Top WordPress plugin authors chart update

Today’s update on the Top 200 WordPress plugin authors chart unfolds a big climber: in the past 7 weeks WooThemes, creator of the impressive WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, gained 4 positions, ending up from 19th to 15th, with over 4 million total downloads.

All the other plugin authors in Top 20 hold their spots, with Automattic on top (and 7th, and several other positions, due to their multiple accounts) with 21 million downloads; Takayuki Miyoshi (Contact Form 7) follows with 20 million, while Michael Torbert (All in One Seo Pack) is third with 18 million total downloads.

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Tv Series Tweet App – follow them with your phone!

TvSeriesTweet logo

Tv Series Tweet, was an app for Android and iOS. The app was discontinued in 2023, after Twitter (X) decided to kill their free API.

Recent tweets by the most popular tv series!

TvSeriesTweet features were:

  • Follow the best and recent tweets from the best tv series
  • You don’t even need a personal Twitter account
  • More emphasis on words & images (retweets & replies are cut)
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Top 1000 most used WordPress plugins

Here is a list of the Top 1000 most used WordPress plugins.

Unlike other rankings online, this list counts active websites updating regularly each plugin, giving the best picture about the real WP plugin universe.

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Fruitbots, a JS bot challenge

Fruitbots challenge

I sometimes like to join bot challenges to improve my programming skills and logic reasoning.

Last week I discovered Fruitbots, a JavaScript bot challenge created by the Scribd staff. Like every good challenge of its type, it features simple rules and a clear bot API. It can also be scripted in 4 languages: Python, Lua, Ruby and JavaScript.

The Fruitbots world is a board with different kind of fruits lying around. The goal is to collect more fruits than the opponent bot, of many types as possible.

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Black and white WordPress theme, for free!

2013 black and white wordpress theme

Do you feel there’s too much color in the web? Try our brand new 2013 Black and white Free Wordpress theme!

It’s a lightweight child theme of Twenty Thirteen (the default theme for WordPress 3.6), based on several shades of grey for different post formats.

The CSS stylesheet aims to be simple to understand and edit to fit your needs. Like our other projects, it’s released with a GPL license.

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Deploying in 2013, from Grunt to Amazon S3

What is your deploying chain right now? How has it changed over time?

Deploying in 2013

The actual deploy of a single page app I’m involved is based on a single Grunt script, executing on a Node.js environment.

The Grunt chain takes all the files (Backbone.js app, JS libs, HTML templates, CSS and images), checks, copies, concatenates and minificates them.

The resulting dir is versioned and uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket and to a redundant static cache. We start with 259 files (images excluded) to end up with 13 files, serving 4 different environments. Every final file is available in debug and minified version, requests can be made with http and https protocols.

Previously, all this was made manually, for 4 different servers. Now, only an error free, time saving, automated single task. Thanks, Grunt!

p.s. If only Amazon S3 would serve gzipped files easily …