Windows 11 local account

How to create a local account in Windows 11

According to Microsoft, using a local account in Windows 11 (and even in Windows 10) can create difficulties for users. As a result, the company continuously updates the Windows installation process, making it increasingly difficult to access this functionality. But why do they do this?

Why does Microsoft want to prevent local accounts?

Using a local account implies the absence of a direct link to Microsoft’s online services and features. This means that the user won’t have access to Microsoft Store apps, device synchronization services, and online security features offered by Microsoft.

Moreover, using a local account can make it more complicated to manage access and security settings on the device. The user will have to manually set access permissions for each user and manage the security of their Internet connection and data saved on the device.

Finally, using a local account can make it more difficult for Microsoft’s technical team to provide support, as the device is less integrated with the company’s online services.

Why might creating a Windows 11 local account make sense?

As we have seen, using a local account can be a more complicated choice for the average user.

In any case, a local account can be a valid choice for users who want to maintain greater control over their device’s privacy and security.

How to create a local account? Use a blocked account

The easiest and most reliable method to get a local account is to try to use a blocked account.

Someone has conveniently had the account “” blocked, so if you enter it in the email field (use anything as the password, you’re not really trying to log in) you will be immediately redirected to the local account screen, since it is not expected that a disabled user create a new account.

Unlike other methods, this is an intentional behavior, so not only is it easy to activate, but it is much less likely to stop working when the Windows installation process is updated again.

Disclaimer: This article simply reports a suggestion found on the web. I always recommend following the classic installation procedure.

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