How to get the query builder raw SQL in Laravel

Sometimes you want to know the exact Laravel raw query , the exact SQL output string executed under the hood, for a given instance of the database query builder.

Let’s say you have this query:


You can get the raw SQL query string that the query builder above will generate in at least two ways:

  1. use the toSql() function
  2. use the enableQueryLog() function
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Update Cordova Android 5 – a quick guide

If you received the “Google Play warning: You are using a vulnerable version of Apache Cordova” email some days ago, you have two months to update your Cordova Android platform; do it, unless you want to see your favorite app kicked out of Play Store.

Since Cordova 3.6 a lot of things changed: the plugin archive, the build system, the keystore etc.

This quick guide covers these steps:

  1. Android SDK update
  2. Cordova update
  3. Cordova Android update
  4. Plugins update
  5. Keystore update (optional)
  6. Final checks
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How to update Prestashop product quantities from a csv file

Prestashop is a good e-commerce software, but sometimes is difficult to find free modules or easy solutions to common needs.

I’ve implemented a simple script for Prestashop (>=1.6) , to update product quantities from an external csv file. The script is able to update simple products and product combinations.

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Sentiment analysis, my approach

My TvSeriesTweet app collects popular tweets from the best Tv Series. I’ve recently added a Sentiment Analysis tab, to provide info about how the Tv Series communication on Twitter is polarized (positive, negative or neutral content) and what type of content best suits the followers. Unlike other analysts, I like to study the communication of the Twitter influencers instead of the sentiments of the users reacting to them.

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Top WordPress plugin authors chart update

Today’s update on the Top 200 WordPress plugin authors chart unfolds a big climber: in the past 7 weeks WooThemes, creator of the impressive WooCommerce eCommerce plugin, gained 4 positions, ending up from 19th to 15th, with over 4 million total downloads.

All the other plugin authors in Top 20 hold their spots, with Automattic on top (and 7th, and several other positions, due to their multiple accounts) with 21 million downloads; Takayuki Miyoshi (Contact Form 7) follows with 20 million, while Michael Torbert (All in One Seo Pack) is third with 18 million total downloads.

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