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Tv Series Tweet App – follow them with your phone!

TvSeriesTweet logo

Tv Series Tweet, recent tweets by the most popular tv series! TvSeriesTweet is the new app for smartphones and tablets:

  • Follow the best and recent tweets from the best tv series
  • You don’t even need a personal Twitter account
  • More emphasis on words & images (retweets & replies are cut)
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Categorized Tag Cloud widget for WordPress

categorized tag cloud widget

Categorized Tag Cloud is a free plugin for WordPress, developed by the staff to generate a cloud with the website’s most used tags, in a sidebar widget.

The words inside the cloud are filtered by category, so you can better match your content by removing the unnecessary tag ids.


The following options are customizable:

  • category filters
  • number of tags shown
  • tag colors (fixed or random)
  • tag hover color
  • smallest and biggest font size


Click on the button below to download the plugin from the official WordPress site:


2013 Black and white Free WordPress theme


Do you feel there’s too much color in the web? Try our brand new 2013 Black and white Free Wordpress theme!

It’s a lightweight child theme of Twenty Thirteen (the default theme for WordPress 3.6), based on several shades of grey for different post formats.

The CSS stylesheet aims to be simple to understand and edit to fit your needs. Like our other projects, it’s released with a GPL license.

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Good old Twitter Feed Widget for WordPress

Good old Twitter Feed Widget for WordPress

Good old Twitter Feed Widget is a free plugin for WordPress, developed by the staff to simplify publishing posts from a Twitter account.

This plugin, once given a Twitter account and the correct Twitter Authentication data (used to access Twitter API 1.1), shows the most recent tweets inside a Sidebar Widget.

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DivSurroundingPost for Joomla 3.0

DivSurroundingPost is a plugin for Joomla! 3.0 developed by the staff to simplify the template style customization.

Our plugin creates an empty div element with “div_surrounding_post” class assigned, surrounding the post content except for the title. This way it’s possible to modify the css style file inside the active template updating that block’s appearence.

Download the plugin clicking on the download button:


Shout for jQuery

Shout is a jQuery plugin that changes an <input> field into a “shouting box”, displaying its text at the biggest size readable on a single line.

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