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Random Tweet Widget for WordPress


Random Tweet Widget is a free WordPress plugin, developed by the staff to show a random tweet on your website.

The plugin, once selected a reference Twitter account, shows every time one casual tweet among the most recents, in a sidebar of your choice. You can customize the following parameters:

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Good old Share for WordPress

good old share pluginGood old Share is a free WordPress plugin, developed to simplify post sharing on the best social networks.

The plugin inserts buttons above or below the post, enabling you to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social websites.

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ReadingTime for Joomla!

ReadingTime is a free Joomla! plugin developed by the staff to show the suggested reading time of web content.

Download the ReadingTime plugin clicking on the download button:


In order to use the plugin in yout Joomla! powered website, you have to:

  • be sure the jQuery javascript library is active on your site; we suggest you to install the “SC jQuery” plugin;
  • install the ReadingTime plugin;
  • activate the ReadingTime plugin and eventually customize its properties;
  • insert the text {readingtime}XXX{/readingtime} inside the article where you want to show the suggested reading time (XXX is the time in seconds, leave blank for default).

In the properties screen you can customize the default text shown in the articles, the bar color and the default reading time.