Random Tweet Widget for WordPress


Random Tweet Widget is a free WordPress plugin, developed by the Whiletrue.it staff to show a random tweet on your website.

The plugin, once selected a reference Twitter account, shows every time one casual tweet among the most recents, in a sidebar of your choice. You can customize the following parameters:

  • Widget Title
  • Twitter Username
  • Number of tweets to choose from
  • Show/hide date
  • “Read more” link text
  • Show/hide links
  • Show/hide replies (@utente)
  • Enable/disable UTF-8 coding

The plugin is based on the Twitter API version 1.1, and requires you to create a personal Twitter Application on the dev.twitter.com website. Within your Application, Twitter provides two strings: the Consumer Key and the Consumer Secret. You also need two other strings, the Access Token and the Access Token Secret, that you can get following this guide. Finally, enter all the Authorization string in the widget options box, along with your favorite display settings: your Twitter Widget is now ready and active!

You can use the same Authorization strings for several widgets and multiple website. Just remember to store them in a safe place!

You also need to enable the CURL and OPENSSL extensions in your PHP environment.


You can download the plugin from the official WordPress website:


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