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ReadingTime is a free WordPress plugin, developed by the stuff to estimate and show the post reading time.

The estimation is based on the “speed” value stored in the settings menu.The value for speed should be chosen between a span of 150 words per minute (slightly slower than average) to 250 words per minute (slightly higher than average).

The calculation is automatic; a¬†different value (in seconds) for a single post can be passed using a Custom Field named “readingtime”.

Download the ReadingTime plugin from the official WordPress website, clicking on the button:


9 thoughts on “Reading Time for WordPress

  1. avatarKalimuthu


    Sorry to bother you on small enquiry! How can i place the reading time next to date of publishing?



    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi, sorry it’s not possible at the moment. We’ll think about a way to allow it in the following releases.

  2. avatarAngel

    Hi! Is there a way to show minutes AND seconds? Just like “3:12″or “3 minutes and 12 seconds” or an aproximation lile “3 minutes and half”.


    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi Bob,
      I’ve just added the “readingtime_text” CSS class to the plugin text, so you can style it now. Please update the plugin to the 1.2.7 release. Thanks for your request!

  3. avatarCharles


    I tried installing this plugin on our site. Nothing shows up. Does it work with Altitude Pro theme?

    Thank you.


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