How to show .htaccess and hidden files in ftp sessions

We had some issues on some websites, so we had to modify some rules in the .htaccess file. Unfortunately, none of the programs we use on windows for ftp connection shows by default this and other hidden files, e.g. the files whose filenames starts with a dot, according to the linux/unix convention.

How to enable hidden files viewing?

Just do this:

  • Filezilla version 2: select “Edit -> Settings -> Interface settings -> Remote file list” then select the check box “Always show hidden files”;
  • Filezilla version 3: they moved it, you can’t find it under Settings; instead, select “Server” in the main menu, then select “Force showing hidden files”;
  • Beyond Compare version 2: select “Tools -> Options”, then pick the “Ftp -> Advanced” tab, finally enable the “Show hidden [-a]” option in the “List Options” group;
  • Beyond Compare version 3: select “Tools -> Ftp Profiles”, then position on the appropriate ftp profile and pick the “Listings” tab, finally enable the “Show hidden [-a]” option in the “List Options” group.

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