Categorized Tag Cloud widget for WordPress

categorized tag cloud widget

Categorized Tag Cloud is one of my free plugins for WordPress. The plugin lets you generate a cloud with your website’s most used tags, in a sidebar widget.

The words inside the cloud are filtered by category, so you can better match your content by removing the unnecessary tag ids.


The following options are customizable:

  • category filters
  • number of tags shown
  • tag colors (fixed or random)
  • tag hover color
  • smallest and biggest font size

Download this WordPress Tag Cloud plugin

Click on the button below to download the plugin from the official WordPress site:


21 thoughts on “Categorized Tag Cloud widget for WordPress

  1. avatarPavel González García


    I want to understand how work the

    Category filters
    category slug / excluded tags id, comma separated

    I only want to show the tags from 1 category. How i can do that?

    Many thanks.

    Warms regards, Pavel

    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi Pavel, to show only a category, in the actual plugin version, you have to enter the id of every other category. We’re thinking about a simpler way to do that in future releases.

      1. avatarScorp

        Hi, I’m puzzled on how to do this.
        The form says it needs the ‘category slug’, yet you say I need to fill in the ID?

        Could you make something of a printscreen on how to do this exactly?


        1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

          Hi Scorp, you enter the category slug on the left and the ids of the tag you don’t want to show on the right; so, when the category page is shown, the tags you entered won’t be displayed.

  2. avatarMirja


    I use Categorized Tag Cloud widget. Can it be possible that when you go on the text link in cloud, it could change color?

    Thank You!


    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi Mirja, I fixed it in the new 1.2 plugin release available today! The hover color is customizable from the widget options form. Thanks for your support!

  3. avatarAshley

    Hello! Great plugin! Just what I needed! Is there a way to order the tags alphabetically? Thank you!

  4. avatarA. Nelson

    This looks like just what I need! Two questions: can it filter by tag instead of category? and is there a limit as to how many tags it will display?

    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi, (1) you cannot filter by tag at the moment and (2) you can customize the tag number editing the widget option “How many tags to show”.

  5. avatarMichel Fortin

    I think this plugin is what I’m looking for, but I’m confused. I want to show a tag cloud of only tags of posts within a specific category. I entered the category slug, but tags of posts in other categories still show up in the tag cloud. Help?

    1. avatarWhileTrue Post author

      Hi Michel,
      the plugin works as follows: you enter a category and a list of tag ids (comma separated); when the user browses that category (or a post belonging to that category), the tag cloud excludes the selected tags.

  6. avatarAbhishek

    Hi WhileTrue, after activating the plugin, I’m getting this error in the widget section:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\Blogs\test\wp-content\plugins\categorized-tag-cloud\categorized-tag-cloud.php on line 47


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