The Importance of Custom eCommerce Development

Not so long ago, eCommerce stores required full-time developers to manage pages, product listings and features. But now, of course, we have a wealth of content management systems that allow us to make changes on the fly, with no new developments required. But while systems like Magento, BigCommerce and even WordPress make it possible to quickly build and manage online stores, there is still much to be said for custom development, even within the confines of these programs.

Content management systems allow you to easily build your store using pre-designed templates, but there are serious disadvantages to this. First, it’s very difficult to build a brand using cookie cutter website templates. Second, the same templates are used by countless stores, and customers can usually tell if you’re using a stock theme. This reflects on the professionalism of your business.

So does this mean that we should toss out the content management systems and rely entirely on custom development? Not at all. The solution is to build custom developments within the content management system. At Coalition Technologies, we specialize in Magento design, BigCommerce development and more. Whether you’re looking for WordPress developers or you just want some custom accents for your site, consider hiring a professional developer who understands the major eCommerce platforms inside and out. Once the work is complete, you can manage your site on a daily basis, blending ease of use with the benefits of having an eCommerce website that’s fully your own.

If you’d like to learn more about making the most of the various shopping cart platforms, and receive useful information on other tech topics, check out our partner Joel’s blog here.

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